From the Bay Area to San Diego – “Officially” established in 2013, Cruel World has been something in the works for much longer.
We’re here with humble beginnings, a clothing brand that intends to make apparel with an emphasis on quality and the small details to set us apart from the rest.
At the heart of CRUEL WORLD is a group of close-knit friends from different backgrounds, raised in California, immersed in the timeless culture of today’s youth.
We’re tired of played out graphic formulas, over-simplified text-based designs, and walking billboards being passed off as fashionable clothing.
We’re just a group of friends who, like many others, have always questioned the state of fashion and said, “Hell, we can do better than that!”.
The initial drop will consist of two t-shirt designs, They will both be released in extremely limited quantities.
We’re very excited to show you what we have to offer, THANK YOU.